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I made this edit in a fiery passion at the end of Book Two— Let’s hope Bolin and Eska will be able to rekindle their love into a “big fire of love flames”. ;)  Either way I know ‘Nuktuk’ will always be the hero of Eska’s heart! (loud tears)
The original artwork can be found at Bryan Konietzko’s blog at this link!

As awesome as this is—and it IS awesome—now that I’ve seen it I would love to see this redone again with Eska holding Bolin.


Tomorrow night is a one-hour Korra special, and the first episode of the pair is Chapter 11, “Night of a Thousand Stars,” a hilarious and dynamic script written by Josh Hamilton. Colin Heck did an amazing job directing this one, which feels like two episodes jammed into three acts every time I watch it. The image above is the movie poster featured in the episode, drawn by Christie Tseng, characters colored by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf, background painted by Emily Tetri, and art directed by me. It was based on a retro movie poster Nuktuk illustration Colin drew for fun early in Book 2. Studio Mir (back in the saddle for the remainder of Korra’s run) did incredible work on a tall order for this episode, once again. 8:00pm/7c Friday!

More news coming soon…

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