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Why do children’s books get all the good art…? (Part 2)

I’m the slightest bit creeped out by this…

The idea of Valka as a villain is really interesting. WHAT IF she decided SHE had to free the dragons of Berk and lead them to the Sanctuary?

Valka tells Hiccup the dragons in Berk aren’t safe, and she doesn’t believe the people treat their dragons well — in her mind, all she can see is dragon slavery. Judging by how Hiccup hurt Toothless, she isn’t even quite sure her own son is to trust. She tells him he can either help willingly, or stay out of the way… Hiccup, of course, tries to change her mind but she is unwilling to listen. She traps Hiccup and Toothless in the Sanctuary, and leaves with the Bewilderbeast and the dragon army toward Berk, intent on “saving” those dragons from both Drago and the Berkians…

Guess she’d make a more interesting figure that Drago did, in a lot of ways…

Can you imagine what fans would have done if we made Hiccup’s long lost mother the villain? *hides*

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